How Do I Use Optional Calendars to Create Official Company Holidays In TribeHR?

An Optional Calendar is a feed that can be displayed on the organization's shared calendar. Selecting an Optional Calendar makes additional events and holidays visible but does not automatically save individual events to the Company Calendar nor does it automatically designate them as official holidays.

Official Holidays are holidays that will not be counted toward time off requests. Create official holidays by creating a new event on the Company Calendar, or by copying the grey events that appear as a part of your selected Optional Calendar to your Company Calendar.

Step 1: Add the Optional Calendar to your account

1. If you are given permissions to Create, Modify and Delete the Events under Calendar,


Navigate to Administration gear > Company > Calendar Events.

2. Scroll down the page. In the Other Calendars section, enter and choose the calendars you wish to be displayed on your company calendar.

3. Click on Save Calendar Events.

Step 2: Copy the Optional Calendars to your TribeHR calendar

1. Click on the Company tab and go to Calendar section.

2. Click on the grey event that belongs to an optional calendar.

3. Click on Copy to Company Calendar button on the pop up that appears.

4. Set or configure:

  • Event Title
  • Type of Event
  • Official Holiday- check this option to mark the day as an official holiday
  • Event Location - click to select locations for which the day is applicable as official holiday. This Official Holiday will then be automatically recognized when employees that belong to the specified locations request time off. This Official Holiday will be ignored for employees that belong to a location other than those specified here when they request time off.
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • End Date
  • End Time
  • Event Description
  • Click on Add Event

5. A message will confirm that the event has been added.

Still have questions about using optional calendars to create holiday events in TribeHR?  Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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