What Can I Find In My Time Off Drop Down?

In the time off drop down on your employee file you can perform several different functions, you can book time off, review time off requests and check out your time off ledger.

  • Login and navigate to your own employee file by hovering over your name in the top right hand corner and clicking My Employee File.

  • Expand the time off section by clicking the show link.

  • To request time off click the Request Time Off button.
  • To review time off click on the Review Time Off Requests button.
  • Using the drop down, select the Leave Type you wish to look at. 

  • Once you have selected the Leave Type from the drop down, you'll be able to see your leave information in your personal time off ledger.
  • If you get an annual amount for that type of time of in the grey box you will see two main numbers:
    • Annually Allowed: This is the number of days that you get for that type of time off in the year. Below this you may also see information pertaining to the number of days you can carry over or the maximum you can accrue, if this is enabled by your administrator
    • Currently Available: This is the number of days that you have currently available to take off, how this number will appear will depend on the settings that your administrator sets up. 
  • If your time off is set to just track usage, you will see a message that says: For this type of time we don't accrue a credit, we only track usage.
  • Below the grey box you will see your individual time off ledger, it is first organized by year, then by applied and scheduled transactions.
  • Each entry will either be a credit, or a debit to your time off balance.
  • The most common entries you will see are accruals, which are credits and approved requests, which are debits.  
  • You may also see adjustment transactions done by your administrator. 
  • You have the ability to click on the Show and Hide drop down panels to maximize and minimize the employee leave transactions.
  • At the bottom of each time off ledger you will see Period Totals which shows the totals from that period and Cumulative Vacation Time Balance which is a total of your time off balance up until that point in time.

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