How To Terminate An Employee

As an administrator, there are two ways to terminate an employee, terminating employee still makes their information searchable via TribeHR, however, that user does not count towards the number of employees in your account. Once you terminate an employee they will no longer have access to their TribeHR account.

  • As an Administrator, navigate to the Profile of the employee you wish to terminate. 
  • Expand the Admin Only section at the bottom of the employee profile and click on Terminate employee.

  • TribeHR will ask you to confirm if you are ready to proceed with the termination workflow. To proceed, click on Continue.

  • Select reason code for termination. If reason for termination is not available in the drop down, administrators may add reason code in the account via the administration section.
  • Enter detailed reason for termination in the box provided.
  • Select date of termination from the calendar.
  • Click on Continue.

  • A message will confirm that employee has been terminated.

Still have questions about terminating an employee? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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    Justine Chiu

    Great article, Toni! I have a question that others might find helpful: if administrators were to terminate an employee with a future date (e.g. resignation with notice), what would the impacts be?
    - Would the employee be able to continue to access their account to wrap up anything? Or is access limited to admins/managers?
    - Would we be able to edit/delete the Termination date if plans change?
    - Should everything go as planned, would the system terminate the account on the last working day, or the minute after the day ends?

    Thank you so much!

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