What Can Hiring Manager Do on a Job Posting?

A Hiring Team is a group of users within your TribeHR account that have access to applicant files to comment on candidates and assist in the hiring process. The user will be given several permissions like to View and Modify the Applicants, Create, View and Modify the Applicant Notes, Create and View the Applicant Documents and View and Modify the Applicant status.


Any user can be assigned as a Hiring Manager. Being a Hiring Manager grants additional access to applicants for the positions that the Hiring Manager is assigned to. Hiring managers are assigned by System Administrators in TribeHR. 

  • Once assigned as a Hiring manager, navigate to Hiring tab  then click on Job Posting. 

  • On the Job Posting page, you can do the following:
    • Review applicant by clicking on Review Applicant button
    • You can also review an applicant by clicking on the applicant's name
    • Assign a star rating for applicants
    • You can also view existing job posting, just click on the View Job Posting

  • To access a job posting click the Review Applicants button.
  • On this page you can do the following: 
    • Assign Applicant Reviewers then click on Update Team
    • Move applicants between hiring stages
    • Choose star rating for applicants
    • Archive applicants by clicking the check box and clicking the link Archive selected 
    • You can also export the list of applicants for a job posting through Popular Activities then click Export Applicants for this Opening


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