What Happens When I Enable EEO Features In My TribeHR Account?

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is a system of information tracking and government reporting, it attempts to ensure that all job applicants and employees have the same opportunities in the workplace regardless of race, gender or status. These optional fields are automatically activated when EEO is enabled in your TribeHR account. 

To Enable EEO Features:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under the Compliance section check Enable EEO Features to enable EEO Features in TribeHR.
  • Click on Save Company Information.

To Customize your Gender and Race Dropdowns:

  • To update the Gender and Race fields, login as an Administrator.
  • Click on the gear icon on your header. Then click on Employees tab and go to Profile Field section.
  • Here you can select which EEO profile field you would like to customize.

  • To add an option to the list, click on Add a new option.
  • Enter the option name on the field provided.
  • To remove option from the list, click on the beside the option name. The option will be removed from the list.
  • Click on Save Profile Field.

  • The default options provided by TribeHR are the official categories tracked by EEOC.

Selecting EEO Information for a Job Position:

  • When you add a job position, on the EEO Job Category field, select which category is applicable with the position.

Enabling EEO Collection for Job Postings:

  • When you add a job posting, check the Optional EEO Information check box to retrieve information from people that will apply on your job board.

  • This will allow applicants to enter their EEO information when applying to jobs on your job board.

Adding EEO Information to Employee Files:

  • This EEO information can be seen by navigating to the employee profile.
  • Go to Employee Details tab and where you will find the employee's EEO information.

Reporting on EEO Information:

  • There are currently three standard reports available that you can pull the EEO information:
  • Gender Summary Report. This report provides an overview of the gender makeup by department and seniority and can bu used to identify the gender break down of the current workforce when the optional profile field "Gender" is activated.
  • EEO-1-Survey Report. This report provides demographic information based on job description classification.
  • EEO/AA Hiring Report. This report provides demographic information based on EEO Data. 

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