How Do You Import Employee Information?

In TribeHR, there are four ways to get employee information into the system, by hiring employees via the applicant filemanually adding employees with the Employee Wizard, importing them via the import employees tool and inviting employees to fill out their own profile.

The Import Tool allows you to add employees who aren't currently in TribeHR as well as to bulk update information for users who are currently in TribeHR. The import tool accepts .xls and .csv files. 

Note: If you have a large number of employees (over 500) split the information you are going to import into spreadsheets with no more than 500 employees in them.

  • As an Administrator, navigate to the Company tab and click on the Your Team section.
  • Under the Popular Activities menu in the right hand side of the screen, click on Import Employees.

  • To continue with the file import, click the Choose File button. Browse, select the import file and then click on Prepare. This will open the import page.

There are three settings on the import page which should be configured before executing the import:

  • The first row contains column headers. Do not import these headers. Select this option if the file to be imported contains headers in the first row. If your import file contains a header on the top row and you do not select this option, an extra employee profile containing the header data will be created when you execute the import.

Note: When field mapping, it is helpful to uncheck this option and then select it prior to importing the file.

  • Email imported employees, inviting them to set a password. Select this option if employees are to receive invites as soon as the import is complete. Do not select this option if employee invitations are to be deferred to a later time or by using an invitation link that will appear on the Homepage.
  • To import new employees, on the What should we do if we detect duplicate records? field, select Try to update existing data. Selecting this option will prevent creation of new user files for existing records.

Note: TribeHR considers blank values in your import file to be valid values.

  • Map the data being imported to the TribeHR database fields by selecting the appropriate fields from the drop down lists. The drop down list will contain all previously identified custom profile fields as well as some of the default profile fields. 

  • Click on Start Import to complete your import.

  • You will be directed to the Import Your Data page. This shows you the status of the import. If you are updating a large number of fields or employees, this process may take 20 -30 minutes. To see the progress of the import click Refresh.

  • This page also shows how many rows were successfully updated and any errors that were encountered.

Still have questions about importing new employees information? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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