How Do You Delete or Edit Job Applicants?

If you are given permissions to modify Applicants, you have the ability to delete or edit job applicants information. You can also make changes in Applicants record or delete record if the job posting has been filled.

  • To do this navigate to Hiring Tab then click on Applicants
  • You can search the applicant on the Search box or click on the applicant's name in the list below.

  • On the applicant page, click on the gear and select either Edit or Delete. 

  • If Edit was selected it will route you to the Edit Application page. Once done with the necessary correction click on Save Changes. 

  • If Delete is selected, there will be a pop up message confirming the action to be done and click on OK.

Still have questions about editing or deleting job applicants? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help! 


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