How To Generate Gender Summary Report

As an Administrator, you can generate a report that will show you an overview of gender make up by department and seniority by generating the Gender Summary Report. This report provides and overview of the gender makeup by department and seniority and can be used to identify the gender breakdown of the current workforce when the optional profile field “Gender” is activated.

  • As an Administrator, navigate to the Reports tab and click on Gender Summary report.

  • This report is divided into three parts: 

Gender Headcount Report (Pie Graph)

  • This is a graph representation of the report where in you can see how gender is distributed in the company
  • You can also sort it by Gender, Headcount and Percentage by clicking on the headers
  • You also have an option to Filter by clicking on the button
  • There's also an option to print the report, click the gear then Print Report

  • Once the filter button was clicked, you have an option to filter it by Department, FT/PT, Pay Type, Employee Class or Location. Filter options can be reset and be hidden. 
  • Click on Apply Changes

Gender Headcount by Department

  • This portion represents the gender summary distribution per department
  • You can hover your mouse to the colored bar and it will display a call out displaying the number of employees representing it
  • You can also sort them by clicking on the headers

Gender Headcount by Seniority

  • This part of the report displays the distribution of gender by account type

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