How Do You Delete Approved Time Off Requests?

Once time off requests have been approved, you can delete them if they are no longer applicable to the employee's time off.

  • If you are given permissions to View the Approved Time Off Request Report,


  • Navigate to Reports and click on Approved Time Off Requests.

  • Select your date parameters (Start Date and End Date) and type of time off. Click on Update.
  • Click on the number (blue hyperlink) under the days off column to access the approved time off you want to delete.


  • Click the gear icon and select Delete.

  • A popup box will appear, notifying you the action cannot be undone, click the checkbox if you wish to notify the employee that the time off request is being deleted.  
  • Click continue to confirm, and the request will then be deleted.

  • A message will confirm that the leave request has been deleted.

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