How Do I Add or Edit the Job Description Of An Existing Company Position?

Each Job Title or Company Position created and saved in the database can have job description. A job description may include qualifications, general or specific task and responsibilities of a position. It may also include to whom the position reports to. 

  • If you are given permissions to Create and Modify the Positions, Log in to your TribeHR account


  • Navigate to the Company tab and go to the Company Positions section. Click on the position you wish to edit.

  • Click on Edit position.

  • On the top of the text box you will find useful icons that you can use in modifying the text.
  • If you have a job description in a Word file, you can easily copy and paste it to the text box by clicking the first icon, Paste from Word.
  • Click on Ctrl + V to paste the text into your window. Click on Insert.


  • To create a link for URL to the article, highlight the word, phrase or sentence you want the URL to link on. Click on Insert Edit Link icon. 

  • Copy the URL from the webpage on the Link URL field. Select if you want the link to be opened in the same or a new window from the Target field. Enter a name on the Title Field.
  • Click on Insert.

  • Once you have updated or added the job description, click on Save Job.

Still have questions about adding or editing job description of an existing company position? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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