How To Book Time Off on Behalf of An Employee

Administrators are able to book time off (ie. Vacation/PTO/Holiday/sick) on behalf of any Employee, in your organization.

  • Once you login to TribeHR, there should be two buttons on your homepage that you can click to book time off.
  • Aside from the green buttons, you can also click on the corresponding Time Off icons located below the header on the upper right side of the page. These icons are also available across the pages making it more accessible for you to create a request.
  • Click the button that corresponds to the type of time off you wishes to book off such as vacation or sick. (If neither of these types correspond to the type you wish to book off, select one and you can change it in the next screen)

  • This will bring you to the Book Some Time Off screen
  • The Type of Time Off drop down will default to the type that corresponds to the button you selected on the home page, if you wish to book another type of time off, you can select it using the drop down.
  • Select a start date and end date of the time off.
  • The total days off work will autofill depending on the number of days you select via the start and end date. If you wish to take a partial day off you can do this by typing in the corresponding amount. (For example, if you wish to take off half a day, you would input in this box 0.5)
  • If you wish to book off in hours instead of days, you can click on the switch to hours link and book off your time using hours (this is helpful when booking off half days, for example, if you work 8 hours a day, and you want to book half a day off, you can type in 4 hours using this option)
  • In the Message To Your Manager box you can type in any information that you think would be helpful for you to remember the reason for the employee’s time off. 
  • On the On Behalf Of drop down, instead of having it under myself select the name of the employee that you are requesting time off for.
  • Select on the Submit a Request drop down for the approval status.
  • Below the Book Some Time Off Box, you will see a company calendar with viewing options, so you can see what days have already been booked, company holidays and special events.


Still have questions about booking time off in TribeHR? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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