How To Create A Skill Rating Report using Ad-hoc Reporting

Ad-hoc report is a tool in TribeHR that you can use to create customize reports. This report provides you a list of skills that are being tracked per employee and its corresponding rating. This report provide you the list of all employees that have skills being tracked and the rating corresponding to that skill. 

  • To create a skills rating report using the ad-hoc reporting tool, navigate to Reports tab and click on Ad-hoc Reports. Here you will find saved ad-hoc reports. 
  • To create a new report, click New Report

  • From the drop down menu, select the record you wish to pull from, for this report we are going to pull Skill Rating
  • Click Continue to go to the next screen

  • In the Choose Your Content section, click on the fields you wish to view in the report. For the Skill Rating Report the most useful columns are:
    • Skill Rating > Rating
    • Skill Rating > Created
    • User > Username
    • Skill > Name
  • Click Next Step, to move to the next screen. 
  • In the filter results screen, you can filter the results depending on the parameters you select. Click Add a New Filter to create a new filter. 
  • To filter the report to know who are the employees who have a rating of 80 and above, you can add the following parameter:
    • Field: Skill Rating > Rating, Operator: Greater Than and Value: 80
  • Click Next Step, to move to the next section.

  • In the Sort Results screen, select the columns you wish to sort the report by. For this report the most useful would be Skill Rating > Rating - Descending and then by User > User Name-Ascending.
  • Click Next Step to move to the next screen.

  • In the Choose Output screen, create a Report Name, choose if you want a line to display the total number of records, select your Output format (HTML or Excel) and choose your Style (Simple or Styled).
  • Click Preview Report, to view a preview of your report, if you need to edit anything further you can use the previous step button to go through the previous screens and edit your report.
  • Once you are satisfied with your report, click Save Report. This will save it to your Ad-Hoc Reports library, so you can access it whenever you wish.

  • Once you save this report, it can be accessed at any time, by navigating to the Ad-Hoc reports screen and click on the name of the report. 
  • If you want to change anything, click on the gear and click edit request. (This is useful if you want to run the report using a different filter)
  • Using this gear you can also copy or delete this report.

Still have questions about creating a skill rating report? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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