How To Run A Time Off Report

The Time Off Report is a report that you can run to view a list of your employees, along with their corresponding time off information.

  • As an Administrator, navigate to Reports, choose Standard Reports, then click Time Off Report. 

  • Select a Start Date and End Date for the period you wish to run the report for, and select the time off type using the Type drop down.
  • Click on Update to update the report using these new parameters.
  • Other than the date and time off type parameters, you may also add other filters on the Time Off report by clicking on the Filters button. 

  • This will bring you to the Filters section where you can add filters such as Department, pay type, FT/PT, Pay Type, Employee Class and/or Location. Click on Apply Changes to apply these filters to your Time Off report.

  • The number in the Annual column represents the amount of time each employee is entitled, annually. If you wish to change this number, you can click on the number to update it.
  • The number in the Carried column represents the amount of time that can be carried over from previous period to the next.
  • The number in the Earned column represents the number of earned time off to date. This is calculated using the number of vacation days allocated to an employee in combination with their start date in TribeHR. This number will change depending on your accrual settings which you can configure in your account.
  • The number in the Used column represents the number of approved time requests in current period.
  • The number in the Balance column represents the amount of time remaining to an employee at the current time. It reflects the (applicable) number of days carried over plus the number of days earned to date less the number of days Used so far for the period.
  • The number in the To Be Earned column represents the amount of time the employee has yet to earn for the rest of the period.
  • The number in the Available column is the amount of time available to the employee in total. This includes days to be earned and historical data. When an organization is getting started, the amount available per employee will need to be updated to accurately reflect current records. Update these  records for by clicking on the number (blue hyperlink) for each employee. This would appear as 'Currently Available' in Employee File.
  • To export this report to Excel, click Download as Excel from the Popular Activities menu on the right side of the page.


TIP: In your Excel file, for easier identification, you may sort the data based on their employee name.

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