How To Generate a Payroll Report

For Administrators to review compensation information and time off transactions in a specified time period, they can generate a Payroll Report by doing the following: 

  • As an Administrator, navigate to the Reports tab and click on Payroll.

  • To start with the report, you need to set the following:
    • Period Begin Date -Enter the first day that the report will capture data
    • Period End Date -Enter the last day that the report will capture data
    • We Pay - Select pay method that is applicable to your company in the drop down
    • Leave Type - You can select which type of leave you want to be reflect on the report
  • If there are changes done on the report like the begin date, click on Update Report to capture the changes
  • To export the report click on Export All Data button and a progress bar will display at the right side under the Export Downloads, this is where the payroll report can be easily be downloaded after you generate it. 

  • To export to Excel either click the Download as Excel link under the Popular Activities menu, by clicking on the gear and selecting export to Excel or by clicking on the blue link under the Export Downloads

  • You can also filter the data in the payroll report by clicking on the Filters button.

  • In the Filter options, you can select on either of the following: Department, Full Time/ Part Time, Pay Type, Employee Class or Location
  • Once done click on Apply Changes
  • If you want to change the selection, click on Reset Filters and Apply Changes

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