How Do Hiring Managers Send an Email to Applicants?

Hiring Managers are given permissions to send message to Applicants, they can email applicants directly via TribeHR. When you send an applicant a message from TribeHR, an email is delivered to the applicant.  The "from" Name and email is the user who logs and sends the message! All replies will go to this user as well.

  • As a hiring manager, navigate to Hiring tab and click on Job Postings.
  • Click on the applicant's name under the job posting. 

  • On the applicant's page, click on Send a Message.

If there is an email information available on the applicant's profile, you will proceed to composing the email. You can add an applicant's email and other information by editing an applicant's profile.

  • Compose your email and click on Send.

  • Your email will be sent to the applicant and will be added as a note to the applicant's profile.

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