What Can I Do if the Hire Button is Missing From An Applicant File?

Why is the “Hire” button missing?

The most common reason for the hire button being missing is because the Employee with permissions to create Applicants record clicked the “Hire” button and didn't complete the Employee Wizard. So basically the status of the applicant is already hired that which is why you cannot see the "Hire" button once you go back to the applicant's profile.  

How do I display the “Hire” button?

  • If you want to re-do the process (hire applicant and create employee account), the Employee with permissions to create and modify Applicant record can go to the applicant’s profile and click on Edit

  • At the bottom of the page under Application Settings, change the status from Hired to In Review.
  • Click Save Changes

  • The Hire button will then appear on the applicant's profile when you navigate back to the applicant file.

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