What is the Difference Between Deleting an Employee and Terminating an Employee?

Terminating a user will:

  • No longer count them against your monthly plan
  • Preserve their history and account for your records and legal liabilities
  • Allow you to add updated contact and forwarding information
  • Retain their name and information with respect to kudos, notes and more that they have created
  • Allow you to easily re-instate them in the future if required or re-hired
  • Retain records on time off allocated and used

Deleting a user cannot be undone and will permanently:

  • Delete their profile, work history, employee record and all references to them
  • Delete any kudos or notes where they are the sole recipient
  • Delete any goals where they are the sole participant
  • Delete any existing reviews filed on their profile
  • Delete their history of all leave earned and taken
  • Delete all job applicants that they have manually added
  • Delete all kudos/notes/messages/comments/goals/etc. they have created for others
  • Remove anyone underneath them from the org chart (these employees will need to be re-assigned to a new manager)

An Administrator can rehire a terminated employee in TribeHR

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