How Do I Set Goals for Myself?

  • Log in to TribeHR and navigate to your employee file.

  • Select Add Goal for Myself under the popular activities menu in the right hand column or click on the goals tab and click the Add New Goals button.

  • Type in the Goal Title, Description, Start date, and Due date.
  • Set the goal progress, if applicable. You can come back and change this goal progress at any time. 
  • Your name will automatically appear in the People Who Participate in This Goal field, if you wish to set this goal for you and other people type their names in this box.
  • Choose your preferred privacy setting. The options are; Me & My Manager, and Everyone.
    • If you select, Me & My Manager then any participants, their Managers, and the Account Administrator will see this Goal on your employee profile. All of these individuals will also see a News Item on the Home page once the Goal is complete.
    • If you select Everyone then the Goal will be visible to everyone in the workplace when they view your employee file, and everyone will see a News Item on the Home page when the Goal is complete.

  • You can also select other existing goals that support this one. This will create a visual association between the Goal you are creating and the other Goals you select. 
  • Select the company values that this goal is associated with.
  • Click Save Goal to save the goal.

  • This goal will now be saved on your employee profile, and on your Home Page in your goals section. Depending on the privacy settings you’ve selected, other managers or employees may also see it on your employee profile.
  • Any goal participants, their manager, and the account administrator are all able to make edits or update the progress of this Goal by clicking the title from either the Home page or your employee file, then clicking Edit on the Goal view screen.
  • You can add comments to the Goal at any time. Do this by entering your comment from the Goal view page then clicking Add Comment.

Still have questions about setting goals? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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