Why Can't I Terminate An Employee?

When an Administrator tries to terminate an employee record that has a Manager terminated before them they receive an error: The new manager you've selected for this person is not a valid choice. You cannot choose one of their subordinates, or themselves. 

To resolve this, you need to rehire the Manager.

  • To rehire the manager, navigate to the Manager's profile, expand the Admin Only section and click on Rehire. 
  •  After rehiring the manager, go back to the Manager's profile and delete the employee history pertaining to being terminated. This can be done by clicking on the date of termination and click on Delete Historical Record

A warning message will pop-up, click on OK

  • Terminate the employee. Navigate to the employee profile and make sure he has the right manager. As an administrator, proceed in terminating the employee from the account.

  • Terminate the manager. Navigate to the Manager profile, expand the Admin Only section, click on Terminate and complete the termination process.

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