How To Edit Employee Time Off Requests

  • Navigate to the employee's profile, whose time off you wish to edit.
  • Navigate to the Time Off section and click Show, to expand the information.

  • Opening this section will show the details of the employee leave balance, select the leave type which has the entry you wish to edit from the drop down and then navigate to the transactions ledger.
  • In the list of transactions, find the transaction you wish to edit and click the Approved Request link.

  • This will direct you to the Edit Time Off screen where you can change the Start Date, End Date, Total Days Off,  Status to Approved or Rejected or Cancelled. You can also Delete the request by clicking on the gear and click on delete. 

  • If you click Delete a pop-up message will appear giving you a warning that the action is irreversible. There's also an option to notify the employee about the deletion of the request. Click continue if if you wish to delete the notification.


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