What Can I Edit On My Employee File?

  • To make changes to your employee file, login as an employee then hover over your name and click on My Employee File.
  • Click on the Edit Profile link, above the employee dashboard section of your employee file.

  •  The edit screen is broken up in to four tabs.

Account Details

  • The only required field to be updated in this page is the email address, but you have options to edit other information including, social media profiles and custom fields defined by your company(if applicable).
  • You can also use this screen to update your password, if you wish.
  • Once done editing, click on Save Details

Employee Details

  • The required fields on this page are the First Name and Last Name. You can also update your address, phone number, birthday, gender, race/ethnicity, Emergency contact and phone number.
  • When editing you employee details, you will be asked to set an "effective date" of the changes. This field allows TribeHR to keep track of the complete employee history of all changes in this page.

Job Details

  • On this page you can change your Company Phone Number
  • For the Job Details, you will be asked set an "effective date" and "reason for change". This field allows TribeHR to keep track of the complete employee history of all changes throughout the employee's life cycle.
  • You can view the timeline of changes at any time by going to the employee profile and clicking on "Employee History". Each date listed will provide a snapshot view of what was changed on that date. 
  • Once done editing click on Save Details

Profile Picture

  • On this page you can edit your profile photo
  • Click on the Choose File button to browse for the picture you wish to make your employee profile photo then click Upload.

  • One the upload is done; it will ask to adjust the picture on the size you want it to display, once satisfied, click on Save Picture 


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