How Do I Give Kudos to my Colleagues?

  • Kudos are a fantastic way to publicly recognize the great work of your co-workers. 
  • Log in to TribeHR. On the right hand side of the Home Screen you will see the green Kudos button. You will also have a small Kudos icon on the upper corner of your page. Click on either of these buttons to give Kudos.

  • This will bring up the Leave Kudos box.
  • Start typing in the name of the co-worker you wish to give Kudos to in the recipient box. You can give Kudos to one co-worker or several co-workers.
  • Type your Kudos in the provided box, if you have a photo you wish to attach click on the camera button to attach it to the Kudos
  • If it is enabled in your account, clicking the Allow Sharing checkbox, will allow the recipient of the Kudos to share it on Facebook. 
  • If you wish, you can select any values that the Kudos supports. 
  • Click the Give Kudos button to give the Kudos to your colleagues. 

  • If you are in another part of TribeHR, and you wish to give Kudos, you can find the green Kudos button and the Kudos icon across the pages of your account.

Still have questions about giving Kudos? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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