What Can I Do on my TribeHR Home Page?

  • When you log into TribeHR, the first thing you see is your TribeHR home page. Your home page will give you a quick overview of activities that are currently happening in your account.
  • The first feature you will see on the home page is the green leave tracking buttons, clicking these buttons will allow you to book time off.

  • In the right hand column on every page, including the home page, you'll see the Kudos button, the Kudos feature allows you to publicly recognize the great work of your colleagues. 
  • The Actions for You To Do panel gives you an overview of any items that require you to take action on, in this section you may see new applicants if you are part of a hiring team or reviews that are due within the next seven days. 
  • The Goals You Are Working On section gives you a brief overview of goals you are currently working on, their title, due date and progress, clicking on a goal will give you more information on the goal and bring you to the goal tab on your employee file. 

  • The Happening in the Company feed, shows you any recent activities that are specific to you or are publicly shared. In this feed you might see, completed goals, new notes on your profile, Kudos or new jobs that your company is posting.
  • If you wish to subscribe to your personalized news feed in your preferred feed reader, click on the Subscribe to News Feed link.

  • Copy this URL and paste it into your preferred feed reader. This link is personalized to you, so make sure not to share this customized URL with anyone.

  • The Date Specific Items section gives you a list of all date specific items that are coming up in your company. It is spilt up into two sections, events happening this week and events that are happening within the next 30-days. In this section you may find colleagues up coming vacations, co-workers birthdays and employment anniversaries and upcoming company events.

Still have questions about what can be done on your Home Page? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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