How To Manage Company Calendar Options

  • As an Administrator, click on the gear icon on your header and navigate to the Company tab and go to Calendar Events section.
  • To a new type of event click the Add an Event Type button, type in the name of the event type and what color you want it to appear as on the company calendar, hit save event type to save.

  • Scrolling down you will see check boxes that give you more options regarding what events you want to appear on your company calendar, select or deselect the check boxes to have Birthdays, Employment Anniversaries, and Goal Due Dates. You can also choose a colour that will represent them on the calendar. 
  • The Other Calendars section you can add the holiday calendars that are applicable to your company. Click on the box and a drop down will appear which you can select holiday calendars. 
  • Hit the green Save Calendar Events to save your changes. 

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