How Do You Manage, Edit or Add Departments?

Company departments are one of the items that you can assign to a user's profile. If you are given permissions to Create, Modify and Delete the Departments, you can manage the available departments in your account.


  • Navigate to the Company tab and then go to Departments section. Here you will find a list of the Departments in your account.

To Add a New Department:

  • Click on the New Department button. This will bring you the Add Department screen.
  • Fill in Department name in the Name field.
  • Click Save Department to save the changes. 

To Edit an Existing Department:

  • Click on the blue department name text under the Name header. This will bring you to the Edit Department screen.
  • Edit the name of the department.
  • Click Save Department to save the changes.

To Re-Order Departments:

  • Click on Re-Order Departments button.
  • Click and drag the department names until they are in the desired order.
  • Click Save Changes to save your changes.

  • The order of Departments will determine how the users in your Company Directory will be arranged.

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