What Can You Do on The "General Info" Page?

  • As an Administrator, click on the gear icon, navigate to the Company tab and go to the General Info section. Here you will find a screen of all the general settings you can change in your TribeHR account. 

  • Under the Contact Info section you can change your Company Name, System Administrator Email Notification Address, Human Resources Email Notification Address (which will change the email address that job applicants will receive notifications from) and Default Currency.

  • Under the Date and Time section you can change your Time Zone, Date Format and Time Format.

  • Privacy section you can edit a number of options that will determine the privacy settings of your TribeHR account.
  • The three options that you can select using the radio buttons will determine how Managers will see data across the company, you can select that managers can see items for all users across your company, or managers can see items for their direct reports, and all users that have an account type of employee, or managers can only see items for their direct reports.
  • Using the Who Can Edit Salary Information? drop down you can select if Admins Only or also Managers can edit salary information.
  • Using the Who Can See Salary Information? drop down you can select if Admins Only, Managers, the Employee and Manager or Everyone in the company, can see salary information.
  • Selecting the Allow Employees to Share Kudos box will allow your employees to share the Kudos they receive on Facebook.

  • Under the Time Off section you can edit various settings that will effect how time off will display in TribeHR
  • The next two check boxes determine how balances will display to your employees in TribeHR, to learn more about this see our detailed knowledge base article about this setting.
  • The Reset Balances On: drop down determines on which month of the year your time off balances will reset, this is a global setting that is shared by all types of time off you create.
  • The Default Work Hours per day allows you to set the default number of hours per work day for your employees.

  • Under the Job Site section you can edit settings that relate to your job site.
  • The Company Description is a description of your company that is accessible to your public job board.
  • The Application Message is the message that applicants receive on screen once they have submitted their application through your public job board.
  • The check box Add the "Apply Now via Indeed" button to job postings will add this button to your job postings so applicants can apply using Indeed.
  • The Email Applicants check box will give you a box which will allow you to directly email applicants when they apply.

  • The Enable Incident Reporting check box will turn on the Incident Reporting features in TribeHR
  • The Enable EEO Features check box will turn on the EEO Features in TribeHR.
  • Click Save Company Information 

Still have questions about what can be done on the "General Info" page? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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