How Do I Make Basic Changes to the Default Job Board?

Your public company job board powered by TribeHR is accessible at . You can promote this page, along with the individual job pages within it, to build out your pool of job applicants. But what if you don't like our default (and we admit, a little bit boring!) white job board?

If you are given permissions to Create, Modify and Delete the Public job board,


There are 3 different ways to customize your job board:

A. Make small adjustments to the default job board.

You don't need to have a very sophisticated understanding of HTML or CSS to make small adjustments to our default job board skin. If you want to insert, adjust, or delete a small piece of code, here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the default codes, which are attached to this article as "genericjobboard.html". 
  2. Open the downloaded file with a text editor. If you don't have an HTML editor, use NotePad or WordPad on a PC, or TextEdit on a Mac.
  3. Where the text says ********COMPANY NAME***********, replace with your company name (do not keep the asterisks). Where the text says ***********SHORTNAME*********, replace with your account shortname (it's what appears before on your login page).
  4. Insert any additional code, or make any small adjustments that you need to.
  5. In your internet browser, sign in to TribeHR as an administrator, and go to Administration > Hiring > Job Board. 
  6. Copy the text contents of defaultjobboard.html into the "Custom Layout HTML code" section.
  7. Check the "Enable my custom layout" section and press save.
  8. When you've got job postings up, test each page to make sure that it looks how you want it to.

B. Customize with your own markup and stylesheets.

If you've got a solid web design background, you can use your own markup to customize your company's careers portal. We recommend that you store your CSS on your own servers, and reference only CSS with permanent file names.

An HTML file called "genericjobboard.html" is attached to this article. You can use this as a quick reference to understand how the [JOBS] tag needs to interact with each of the INDEX, VIEW, and APPLY markup types. There are also more resources available to help you throughout this helpdesk, and if you're an active customer, contact the support team if you run into trouble.

To eliminate from the URL, consider using an iFrame, or making use of our open API <>.


And that's it. Once your job board is styled, link to it from your company website, share your postings on social media and job syndication services, and let the job candidates come to you.


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    Paul Baribeau

    *To replace your company name with an image: *

    The instructions in A will get you to where you can make small adjustments to the page. But instead of swapping out "*********COMPANY NAME**********" for your company name, instead simply add the HTML for the image. Typically that looks like <img src=" [http://where-the-image-is-hosted](http://where-the-image-is-hosted/)">. 

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