How Do I Enable Saleforce Single Sign-On (SSO)?

  • To enable single sign-on using our Salesforce integration, first enable the integration point from within your TribeHR account. 
  • Do this by selecting ADMINISTRATION > INTEGRATIONS > and tick the box next to "Yes, let users sign into TribeHR from their Salesforce accounts"
  • Click Save Salesforce Settings
  • Next click Generate Salesforce Connection Point copy the URL that was generated

Once you've done this, add a "web tab" in your Saleforce account to add single sign-on.  For more information about how to create a custom webtab in Salesforce you can view this article which wil direct you to this YouTube video

When you add the webtab, use the URL you copied from TribeHR


< last updated July 25, 2013>

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