Editing the Calendar View Permissions On An Employee Role

The Roles and Permissions feature allows you to customize what the employee can access in their TribeHR account. If you wish for the employee to view, birthdays, employment anniversaries and approved time off on the company calendar and on the home page, you will need to update the employee permission.

  • As an System Administrator, hover over to the Gear icon beside the search bar and navigate to Roles.
  • In the Roles overview page, select the blue hyperlink for Employee Role or the Admin gear located at the right then click Edit Role.


  • In the Limitable Permissions, the first permission group should have a set of blank permissions, this is the group that you will add the permissions to.


Work Anniversaries 

  • Enable the View options for Employment details to access the upcoming Work anniversaries of your colleague. Enabling this will also allow users to view additional employee details when they navigate to the user's employee profile:
    • First Day of Work
    • Employment Status
    • Employee Class
    • Full Time or Part time
    • Work Hours per Day
    • Standard Hours (Work Hours per Week)


Approved Leave Requests

  • On the Leave Management card, enable the View options for Leave Request to access upcoming approved time off requests. Leave requests should appear on the home page in the Happening This Week and Next 30 Days sections, as well as on the Company Calendar.



  • On the Sensitive Employee Information card, enable the View options for Birthday to give access to the user's birthday (including their birth year) on their employee details page, in the news feed on the homepage and on the calendar. 


  • Click Save Role and then Click Save Assignment.
  • A confirmation message will appear indicating the Employee role has been successfully updated.

After setting the permission, you may also want to check the Company Calendar Options, to ensure that the events are configured to display on your calendar.

Still have questions about editing the calendar view permissions? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!



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