How Do I Assign Roles to Users?

With the Roles and Permissions feature, the System Administrator or any Employee that has a Manage Role Assignment permission can assign roles to users.


There are four ways on how you can add Roles to users:

1. On the Roles Overview Page

  • Click on the Administrator gear, beside the search bar and navigate to Roles.
  • On the Roles Overview page select the specific role that you wish to be assigned to the users.
  • Hover over the gear icon located in the right corner and click Manage Assignments.


  • The filters on the left corner of the page will let you filter to specific employees, this makes it easier to add a specific role based on group of employees in a specific Location, Department, Employee Class or Pay Type.
  • You can select each employee individually by marking the check box beside the employee's name, or use the select all button at the top of list to assign it to all users that match the filters.


  • Click Save Assignments at the bottom page. A confirmation message will appear stating a user role assignment has been successfully updated.


2. On the Employee Profile

  • In the search box, enter the name of the user you wish to assign the Roles to.
  • On the Employee Record, click on Edit Profile.


  • Navigate to the Roles tab.
  • Select the Role/s that you wish to assign to the Employee Profile.
  • You can assign multiple roles depending on the functions of the employee's job. For example, an HR Administrator can also be a System Administrator in the company.


  • Click Save Details. A confirmation message will appear stating the new role assignment has been successfully updated.


3. When Creating a New Employee Record

  • On the home page under Popular Activities, select Add an Employee.


  • Add the required information of the Employee in employee wizard, under Account, Employment and Job Details page.


  • In the fourth section under Role Assignment page, select the Roles you wish to assigned. You can assign one or multiples roles to an Employee, depending on the functions of their jobs. For example, a user with a Manager role can also have an HR Admin role.


  • On the Confirm Details page, review the entered information of the employee/user before clicking on Save and View Employee. After saving the Employee record, a confirmation message will appear stating the new user has been saved.


4. When Inviting a New Employee

  • Navigate to Company Tab and select My Team.
  • Under Popular Activities select Invite Employees.


  • Enter the email address of the new employee.
  • Employee is set up as a default role since this role is automatically assign to all new users, you have the option add other roles that you wish to assign.


  • Click Invite User. A message will appear confirming the invitation has been successfully sent.

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